Intelligent Systems is among the leading retail solutions vendors in the world for seventh consecutive year

April 27, 2017

The company was awarded with the Platinum Partner status by the retail software leader LS Retail

Intelligent Systems was named Platinum Partner 2017 for excellent performance in sales, service and support to customers using LS Retail solutions. The first honor of this kind for our company was in the distant year of 2011, when we were recognized as a Gold Partner. Since then, every year Intelligent Systems has invariably been in the elite circle of the most successful LS Retail partners in the world.

Being one of the largest LS Retail vendors in the world for the seventh consecutive year is a testament for the perseverance and professionalism of our entire team. Every successive distinction raises the bar of our requirements to ourselves and I believe that this encourages us to get even better and better“, said Kalin Tsvetanov, CEO of Intelligent Systems, minutes after he accepted the statuette.

“LS Retail Platinum Partners are among the leaders within our Partner Network. The requirements they need to fulfill to reach this level are very demanding and this award is a testament to the value these partners bring to the table”, says Magnus Norddahl, CEO and President of LS Retail. “Our Platinum Partners have demonstrated great dedication and effort in their partnership with LS Retail and their performance is a huge factor in our success. LS Retail is very pleased to recognize and honor Intelligent Systems for outstanding achievements over the past year.”

LS Retail Platinum Partners received their awards at conneXion, the annual retail and hospitality conference arranged by LS Retail. The event took place in Madrid, Spain, on April 26 and 27, 2017.