Intelligent Systems Bulgaria – with the highest turnover according to Microsoft Bulgaria

September 15, 2009

Few days ago Microsoft announced the rating of the Bulgarian Microsoft Dynamics partners based on license revenues for fiscal year 2009, covering the period from July 2008 until the end of June 2009. Intelligent Systems is the Bulgarian Microsoft Dynamics partner with the highest turnover and the largest number of new customers. Among the company’s new customers are Adecco Bulgaria, Bertoni, Euratek, Hi Computers, Skipter, Furniture house Lazur, Bodycar etc.

Orlin Dochev, Manager Business Solutions at Microsoft Bulgaria:”The Microsoft Dynamics market share in Bulgaria is expanding. Intelligent Systems is our best partner for the integrated business management solutions /ERP and CRM/, based on turnover and the company forms a significant proportion of the total Microsoft Dynamics income. We are thankful to Intelligent Systems and their team and we hope for the same beneficial partnership in the future“.

“The companies in Bulgaria are aware of the advantages of the economic crisis. That is why they invest in software systems to optimize their business, reduce costs and achieve better market positions. We realized increased income for the first half of 2009 compared to the same period of 2008. The success of Intelligent Systems is not only because of the gaining of new customers but also because we continually strive to provide quality service and support to companies that rely on us everyday. We are pleased that we got another year as the best company in our branch. I want to thank our partners for the support on one hand and the entire Intelligent Systems’ team on the other, for the efforts to have satisfied customers and be always on the top”, said Boyan Martinov, Sales Manager, Intelligent Systems Bulgaria.