Intelligent Systems Bulgaria participated on the 13th National Conference on “Business Management Systems”

June 03, 2013

The annual conference on “Business Management Systems”, organized by ICT Media, took place on May 30, 2013, at Hilton Hotel, Sofia. This year’s slogan was “Optimization by the information technologies in support for the business”. The event welcomed representatives and specialists from various industries, focused on the trends and new perspectives for business management software solutions and process optimization.

Intelligent Systems Bulgaria’s Managing Director – Mr. Kalin Tzvetanov, opened the conference and addressed the delegates, pointing some of the current business software trends and market development destinations. He emphasized on Cloud services and their aim to assist businesses, while stressing on the need for change and more flexibility.

“Today, companies need a new method of utilization of the IT solutions in order to augment their competitiveness”, claimed Mr. Tzvetanov.

During the presentation sessions that followed, Intelligent Systems Bulgaria’s Sales Director – Mr. Boyan Martinov, further developed the Cloud services concept by comparing Cloud implementation of business software to the conventional on-premises deployment model.

 “There are three major questions that potential clients consider when it comes to Cloud implementation. These are data security, mobile access to data, and pricing in the long term. With these regards, allow me first to explain that the Cloud model provides extremely high level of data protection coming from the safest contemporary firewalls and professional attitude assured by the service provider. Secondly, continuous work via tablets and smartphones is ensured thanks to the signally high level of Internet connectivity in Bulgaria. Eventually, prices for Cloud deployment in the long run tends to be much lower, as it does not generate overhead expenses or system maintenance costs, in comparison to the standard implementation model”, states Mr. Martinov.

Intelligent Systems had a corporate stand at the event where delegates received more information on company’s solutions and tips on achieving higher business effectiveness.

Among the special guests, invited by Intelligent Systems, were Ms. Tatjana Lukic – MBS Partner Lead – South Balkans, and Mr. Milen Manchev – CRM Sales Lead – South Balkans at Microsoft.

“Business Management Systems” accomplished its objective by gathering over 100 software experts and business representatives, who consider technology not just an option, but a mandatory element for maintaining competitive edge and activity development.