Intelligent Systems Bulgaria in Capital Careers

February 04, 2011

Mr. Kalin Tzvetanov, Managing Director at Intelligent Systems Bulgaria, had an interview for “Careers” – a specialized print and online edition for careers, training and HR, part of the Bulgarian most popular media group Economedia.

The interview was published in the Pro.file section where many successful managers of leading companies in Bulgaria tell their stories.

“Since 2004 when Intelligent Systems Bulgaria was established, our main purpose has been providing not just software but a successful combination between software and first-class business consultations… The thing that made us different and better than our competitors was the way we solved the customers’ specific problems. Actually, this was what ensured us a powerful start in our business and on the market as a whole. While most of the other companies install a particular software product, we give the customer more – we tried to help them find a solution for their problems. That has been a successful practice for a long time now…”, says Kalin Tzvetanov.

In the interview Mr. Tzvetanov speaks about the relationship between the company and its customers: “The establishment of a long-term partnership and support high level of customer satisfaction is a complex task which is associated with the daily efforts of many people in our company. That is why we are building a strong team…”, he comments.

During the interview Kalin also speaks about the recruitment process in Intelligent Systems: “The people we are looking for are these who really want to prove themselves and can convince me that they can achieve their aims. We hire ambitious people, ready to enter a successful career and strive for it”, adds Kalin.