Intelligent Systems Bulgaria at Business Forum 2011

April 01, 2011

On March, 30th 2011, in Varna was held the first edition of Business forum 2011, organized by Microsoft Bulgaria and Manager Magazine. The forum was a part of the 10th annual edition of Microsoft Days in Bulgaria. Business forum 2011 focused on the innovative technologies of Microsoft and the benefits they bring to the business.

Attendees were Bulgarian and foreign top managers, leading experts, business representatives and local authorities in Varna.

Mr. Boyan Martinov, Sales Manager at Intelligent Systems Bulgaria and Mr. Genislav Nastev, IT Manager at Mania were invited to speak at Business forum 2011. Mr. Martinov presented Microsoft Dynamics business solutions as tools for effective management which can ensure a stable platform for successful company development.

“In the dynamic environment, the companies have to be flexible, to follow the trends and to turn them into opportunities. For this, the management needs a perfect strategy and an appropriate software solution such as Microsoft Dynamics – business systems flexible enough to add greater value to the business. Microsoft Dynamics give the companies many competitive advantages and stable market positions”, said Boyan Martinov.

Mr. Nastev presented Mania Stores as a prosperous Microsoft Dynamics customer. He described the implementation process in the biggest second hand chain in Bulgaria. Mr. Nastev also presented the various challenges they had during the deployment, their resolution, and the main benefits, brought to the company.

About Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is a product line of integrated, adaptable, and easy-to-use ERP and CRM solutions that enable business decision makers to quickly respond to market shifts, take advantage of new trends, increase their competitive edge and drive business success. Microsoft Dynamics business solutions have more than 300 000 customers and over 3 million users around the world. Microsoft Dynamics are the most popular ERP and CRM solutions in Bulgaria.