Intelligent Systems at Retail in Detail

November 12, 2009

11.11.2009, in Rainbow Plaza, Sofia was held the 4th annual conference of Regal magazine – Retail in Detail – Reformation. Trying to be really actual and useful, the main issues discussed were the crisis in the sector, the need of change in the whole business strategy and different ways to reduce costs and gain better efficiency.

The seminar started with an official opening after which the first lecture panel was held, including presentations by different speakers. Intelligent Systems took part during the second part of the conference. Speakers were Boyan Martinov, Sales Manager at Intelligent Systems and Orlin Dochev, Manager Business Solutions, Microsoft Bulgaria. They outlined the current business trends and demonstrated how investing in a business management system can optimize the company’s business processes, reduce costs, win new customers and higher market share. The integrated business management system value was also determined as it gives real-time data about the company – a basis for making critical decisions.

This year Retail in Detail welcomed more than 250 participants, most of them at managing positions in the FMCG companies in Bulgaria. Intelligent Systems had also a pavilion as a meeting area for the company and the participants. There they had the opportunity to get to know the products, to address their questions to the company’s specialists and to see live how the business management systems help one of the biggest FMCG distributors in Bulgaria to work more efficiently and successfully.