Global Wind Power controls the wind with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

November 17, 2010

Global Wind Power was established in 1999 in Denmark. The company is specialized in the development, implementation, and administration of wind turbine projects for investment. Today Global Wind Power is one of the leading European companies in its sector and releases projects for customers in the private, industrial, and institutional sectors.

Due to the Bulgarian affiliation to the European Union in 2007 and favorable wind conditions in the country, an investment in wind energy in Bulgaria seemed very attractive. Because of this, in 2007 Global Wind Power established a Bulgarian office. Today Global Wind Power Bulgaria has three completed projects in the country with a total amount of 52 MW and clearly declares its willing to be a leader on the wind energy market. To achieve this, the company needs to support optimized processes, excellent coordination and activity planning. The increased amount of work, number of projects and customers made the management realize the need of a single software business management system which can integrate all business processes within the company.

In the begging of 2010, after a few product demonstrations, the management chose the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Intelligent Systems Bulgaria for a partner in this project.

“Before implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we used to work with accounting software. It’s features were very limited, especially considering the business processes’ scope and ability to generate specific reports for the group analysis used by the headquarters in Denmark. Due to a lack of integration between the accounting software and the headquarters’ system, the reporting process took considerable time”, said Velislava Sezanova, Project Manager, Global Wind Power Bulgaria.

For a very short period, there were implemented the modules Financial Management, Sales, Purchasing, and Marketing. Intelligent Systems Bulgaria’s team developed some additional functionalities to meet different business needs and specific reporting features in Global Wind Power. The company’s management can now track all transactions and reports in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

“Thanks to the good collaboration between Global Wind Power and Intelligent Systems Bulgaria, we built a solution which responds to their needs and meets the legacy requirements in both Bulgaria and Denmark. As the project is completed, we believe that investing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and choosing us as their partner, was a serious step towards a future successful development of Global Wind Power and its competitive positions on the market”, said Vasilka Slavova, Project Manager, Intelligent Systems Bulgaria.

“With Microsoft Dynamics NAV we now have improved communication among departments, effective processes, and excellent opportunities for easy and fast reports and analysis’ generating”, added Velislava Sezanova.

About Global Wind Power

Global Wind Power is specialized in the development and implementation of wind turbine projects for investments, as well as their administrative and technical support. Today the company manages projects for more than 400 MW – from big wind energy parks to individual projects in Denmark, Germany, France, Bulgaria, and Romania. Global Wind Power gradually expands its market positions and enters new markets as well.