For the first time in Bulgaria – Microsoft Dynamics in the Cloud

June 28, 2012

The first Cloud based Microsoft Dynamics business management solution in Bulgaria is now in operation. With the help of the contemporary computing technologies, companies take full advantage of the most popular ERP and CRM solutions in our country without making any significant initial investments in expensive hardware and licenses or in their future support. Another benefit of using Microsoft Dynamics as a cloud service (SaaS/IaaS) is that clients can change the parameters of needed resources at any time, and thus, to swiftly and easily adapt businesses to the ups and downs of the market environment.

First company in the country that integrated Microsoft Dynamics through the cloud is the leading construction and consultant company MARKAN Ltd. Its management team made this choice after a thorough research of the business software market in Bulgaria. Intelligent Systems was selected for partner and implementer of the project.

Microsoft Dynamics AX integration started in the middle of 2011 and the construction company rented from Intelligent Systems Bulgaria not only the hardware environment to dispose the database and the solution, but the software application itself. This option is available through the flexible SPLA /Service Provider License Agreement/ licensing model of Microsoft, with which customers pay only what they use. This way, Microsoft Dynamics is even more affordable and lucrative investment for every company regardless of its size, structure, or field of activity.

The project at MARKAN Ltd. was comprised of several products and services including provision of MS Windows Server 2008 OS, Active directory, and e-mail client through the cloud, etc. The final stage of the implementation involved installation and set-up of a business intelligence (BI) solution.

Shortly after the successful integration of Microsoft Dynamics, the management team of MARKAN Ltd. started to experience a number of improvements in the everyday business activities. Today, the construction company is far more flexible, its employees more efficient and executives have the opportunity to make timely and reasonable decisions concerning the successful business development. All of this without huge IT investments, but with maximum time, implementation process and expense optimization.

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About MARKAN Ltd.

MARKAN Ltd. was founded in 1993 and ever since it follows its main corporative principle – to meet all market requirements and changes in the industry. The company offers full set of services in the construction field – from precise design, through technical implementation, to commissioning.