Exchange data from different sources with External Database Connector 

September 13, 2022

If you have key business partners and need to be flexible in your daily collaborations by using existing databases, the External Database Connector app is the one that facilitates the transfer of data. 

The app that was developed by the Intelligent Systems team, passed the certification process, and now is available on Microsoft AppSource. It has been designed to help you avoid delays and difficulties in performing routine tasks due to the inconsistent information and manual data processing. 

External Database Connector app facilitates the transfer of data from any external database to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud or on-premises ERP system. The app is suitable for all industries that exchange data.  

The tool works with all databases that support Open Database Connectivity (ODBC). With easy setups and data mappings the application assists companies in the effortless data exchange between an existing database and the ERP system.  

The External Database Connector application can be connected to various databases. For each server, you can set up an unlimited number of tables or views, which are then used for data exchange. In every table, you can specify the fields as they are named in the external database, and after that map them to Dynamic 365 Business Central tables and fields. 

The supported databases include MySQL, Microsoft SQL server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MS Access, and many others.   

Find what are the other benefits for your business if you choose the External Database Connector? Get in touch with us for further details. 

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