ERP on Cloud is much more preferred worldwide

February 23, 2023

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is a major financial and practical decision that can impact all parts of your business, like human resources, accounting, manufacturing, marketing and more. Before selecting a new system, buyers should research current solutions and ERP trends coming down the pipeline.

According to the report of Panorama Consulting Group for 2022, 65% of organizations worldwide selected Cloud services (hosted, managed service, SaaS) versus on-premise service. Moreover, 72.5% of the customers in Europe selected Cloud. 63.7% of the customers worldwide that selected Cloud chose SaaS model rather than hosted or managed service.

The cloud has made a permanent mark on the ERP and technology industry. It’s no surprise that MarketsandMarkets predicts the global cloud computing market could reach USD 947.3 billion by 2026.

The pandemic has made organizations more cost-conscious, not eager to operate their own servers and databases. Mobility was a popular digital initiative in ERP implementations due to the increase in remote and hybrid work environments.

Panorama categorizes ERP systems into Tiers based on factors such as target organization size, vendor revenue, etc.

Dynamics 365 FO has been categorized in Upper Tier II. These systems typically serve small to midsize organizations with USD 250 million to USD 750 million in annual revenue. Organizations of this size may encompass multiple industries and multiple business units.
Dynamics 365 BC is categorized in Lower Tier II. These systems typically serve small to midsize organizations with USD 10 million to USD 250 million in annual revenue. These organizations usually represent only one industry and have a single entity to manage.

Of those that performed an ROI analysis prior to their project and have been live for at least a year, 81% said their project met their ROI expectations.
The most common benefits organizations quantified were those related to productivity/efficiency 74.8%, IT maintenance costs 62.6%, and the customer experience 58.8%.

“Creating a benefits realization plan is essential to measuring ROI and demonstrating to executives that the project achieved measurable benefits. We recommend assembling a dedicated team with stakeholders from across the organization to ensure no expected benefit is left unquantified.”, Panorama consultants explain.

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