Dynamics Trans: the modern software solution for the transportation industry

March 25, 2019

The industry-recognized NAVtrans software solution has gone through a transformation and we’re excited to share the result with you: Dynamics Trans. The business solution is developed by Intelligent Systems specifically for medium to large-sized companies in the transportation, logistics, freight forwarding and shipping sectors.

What caused this change?

As our experts’ team experience in the subject grew, so did our wish to provide the latest Microsoft technology in an easy-to-use comprehensive package. This led us to Dynamics Trans: an all-in-one software solution for the transportation industry, developed and supported in-house here at Intelligent Systems.

What is our goal with the newly launched website?

We want you to have all the info you might need as an industry insider at the tip of your fingers. No longer do you have to scroll through our website, trying to find information that is relevant to you. With one click you’re able to find everything you want to know about the specialized business solution, all its functionalities that benefit your company and improve its performance.

Furthermore, once you’re here, it’s much easier to find specific info that concerns the industry you’re in, be it transport or freight forwarding.

What lies ahead?

We’ll be the driving force in your business’ productivity and performance, allowing you to make educated decisions based on relevant, real data. As we continue working for Weber Saint-Gobain, Bon Marine, Movio Logistics and others, our understanding of clients’ needs will keep on improving, and so will Dynamics Trans, our all-in-one software solution for the transportation and freight forwarding industry.

Now browse our Dynamics Trans website, download our brochure, request your free demo or contact our experts! We’ll be happy to hear from you!