Dynamics 365 + MS Teams: The power of collaborative app that will lead the workflow on a new level

August 05, 2021

Over the past 18 months businesses worldwide have faced many obstacles and it went through various transformations of the workflow in their organizations. Soon, distance and remote work were no longer a problem because people have come to rely on Microsoft Teams to chat, call and collaborate. However, empowering employees to be flexible is still a major task for managers. That is why the organizations will need to build a new operational model.

Microsoft believes hybrid work is the future. This requires a new class of apps – called collaborative, which will provide rich ways across the organization to exchange and capture ideas. The new Dynamics 365 + Teams experience embodies this innovative way, leading all business processes on a whole new level. Last month at its annual conference Inspire Microsoft announced that anyone in an organization will be able to view and collaborate on Dynamics 365 records, from within the flow of work with Teams at no additional cost.

But what are the benefits Dynamics 365 + Teams will bring to the organizations actually?

Service department will have quick access to customers’ issues.

Finance team will be able to easily share purchase orders and payment details with their sales counterparts.

Fast communication between field technicians and sales teams will assist for on-time notification about nearing end-of-life of the offering products. This will give opportunity to the salespeople to proactively use the replacement options.

Faster closure of deals will be possible thanks to understanding the signals from the marketing department around demand generation.

Here you can access the app.

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