Dynamics 365 Licensing changes

October 15, 2019

From October 2019, key changes in licensing will occur in respect to the Dynamics 365 family. The one-size-fits-all multi-application platform that we know will be shifting focus towards an app-centric licensing. Meaning, instead of buying a Customer Engagement, Unified Operations or Dynamics 365 plan, clients will now be able to subscribe to specific apps that best fit their needs. Furthermore, they’ll be able to license Dynamics 365 applications that they need, when they need them. Here’s our breakdown of the changes in licensing:

What will change

  • The Customer Engagement, Unified Operations, and Dynamics 365 plans will no longer be offered
  • Individual apps that were part of those plans (such as Sales, Marketing, Field Service, etc.) will be available as Base and Attach licenses. A Base license is the first application that a client has purchased within his organization. An Attach license is any additional application the client chooses to acquire after having subscribed to a Base license.
  • The Finance and Operations module will be split into two separate apps – Supply Chain Management and Finance

What will stay the same

  • There will be no impact or change to APIs
  • Our return/cancellation process and support service will not be affected
  • We will continue to provide technology solutions that provide measurable results and are absolutely compatible with other Microsoft software

How it works

As we already pointed out, the customer must first purchase a Base app for each Dynamics user in his organization. Once they have a Base license, the customer may add any number of Attach apps to each Base license. For example, if there’s an individual user in the company that requires both the Sales and Customer Service apps, the company may choose to buy a Base license for Sales and an Attach license for Customer Service.

As a rule, when a company wants to purchase a Base and Attach license simultaneously, it would have to purchase the higher priced license as a Base license. More on the new pricing below.


The new prices are structured in the following way: the Marketing app is priced Per Tenant Per Month, while all other apps are priced Per User Per Month (PUPM).

Have any questions? Contact us to find out more about the changes.