DietsmannEnergoremont manages its finances efficiently with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

December 17, 2018

DietsmannEnergoremont is the largest maintenance company in Bulgaria. The company’s core activities are the maintenance, optimization and modification of power generating, refinery and mining facilities, including the introduction and application of new technologies in training, monitoring and inspection.

DietsmannEnergoremont is part of the Dutch company Dietsmann N.V., which manages more than 20 subsidiaries in the oil & gas, conventional and nuclear power generation and mining industries.

The challenges

A good understanding of the operational performance of its activities is very important for a large company like DietsmannEnergoremont. This was the main reason why the company decided to implement a unified system to keep track of all its financial operations.

An extensive investigation of the business management software market to find the most suitable solution, plus an experienced provider to implement it, resulted in DietsmannEnergoremont’s management selecting Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Intelligent Systems – a leading Microsoft partner in Central and Eastern Europe.

The solution

The ERP system Dynamics NAV now provides full control over the financial processes by consolidating the subsidiaries’ financial information. It also enables detailed real-time reports and analyses of a number of DietsmannEnergoremont’s KPIs to be created. As a result the company’s management team now has full visibility of all financial flows and operations.

Kalin Tzvetanov, CEO of Intelligent Systems:

 Every implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an exciting challenge for us. For DietsmannEnergoremont we had to build a solution that would provide efficient financial management for a large company with specific demands. I am happy that our team managed to complete this project successfully.

About DietsmannEnergoremont

DietsmannEnergoremont’s majority shareholder is Dietsmann N.V. Over the past 40 years this Dutch company has expanded into one of the world’s largest independent providers of O&M services to power plant owners and owners/operators of continuous-production plant in the oil & gas, conventional and nuclear power generation and mining industries. Dietsmann’s corporate culture has earned the Company a reputation for safety, integrity, environmental care and quality that is second to none in the industry. Today more than 6000 highly-qualified and trained Dietsmann employees work every day to maintain and optimize clients’ assets in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. DietsmannEnergoremont has over 45 years of experience and currently has extensive production facilities in the vicinity of Bulgaria’s main power generating facilities.

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