CRM and ERP could now be nearly free-off-charge!

April 22, 2013

On April 22, 2013, a new website was launched, inscribed to world’s latest enterprise resource planning business trends. Website’s content was developed by Intelligent Systems Bulgaria – a leading company in the area of Microsoft’s ERP and CRM systems implementation. In addition to information on Microsoft Dynamics solutions, puts accentuation on the ever so popular corporate systems deployment method known as Cloud services.

The Cloud, as an implementation model, allows for organizations of various industries to utilize the prolific functionalities of integrated software systems without initial investment – i.e. instead of purchasing the necessary hardware and software, companies solely rent those IT resources according to their current business needs. Thus, organizations set utilization parameters themselves, while paying only for the usage they actually generate. Another advantage of using Microsoft Dynamics ERP и CRM as Cloud services is that companies do not deal with overheads and maintenance needed for system’s adequate functioning, because that responsibility is transferred to the experts at Intelligent Systems Bulgaria. Cloud technologies and Microsoft’s flexible SPLA licensing model enhance companies in resisting the challenges of the economic situation, the competition pressure, and clients altering requirements by process optimization and expenses cutting in an effective and efficient manner.

In addition, the Cloud model insures fast and secure access to corporate data and capability to work with system’s powerful functionalities anywhere, anytime, as the applications are available via any device (including mobile) that has Internet connection. presents visitors with the opportunity to personally experience Microsoft Dynamics systems in the Cloud and the relevant benefits through requesting a free demo of a particular solution from the product line. The website provides managers with an option of long-term price comparison between the value of ERP and CRM installations as a Cloud service and standard deployment.

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Intelligent Systems Bulgaria offers full range of professional services related to development, implementation and support of integrated business management systems. The company is focused on Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM and their vertical add-ons. The company is Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and the most successful Dynamics provider in Bulgaria for the last several years. Intelligent Systems Bulgaria is certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, which guarantee the delivery of high quality, security, and reliability of products and services to all customers.