Cloud ERP – the focus on the Microsoft conference Convergence 2011 in Atlanta

April 19, 2011

11th of April 2011. On the business conference Convergence 2011 placed in Atlanta, USA, Microsoft Corporation presented its new vision to Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution in the cloud – Cloud ERP and the latest news around Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

In front of 9 000 attendees, Mr. Steve Ballmer, CEO at Microsoft and Mr. Kirill Tatarinov, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft Business Solutions presented the new features of the next major releases of Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution which will run on the Windows Azure platform. Using this platform, the customers will be able to move to the cloud on their own terms. Due to the success of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and the technical progress, the cloud model will present new opportunities to increase revenue and flexibility of the company while reducing costs in the same time. Microsoft Dynamics NAV will be the first ERP solution enabled through Windows Azure and the new version will be released in 2012.

Kirill Tatarinov said „In the ERP segment you will see mostly mixed deployments…” – for example every company can provide access of its distributors and partners to some of the ERP functionalities through Azure and in the same time it can protect its main back-end ERP in its own secure environment. The pricing of Cloud ERP will be defined through subscription.

The new “Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Partner Profitability Guide” launched by Microsoft will provide key success factors and methodologies to help partners optimized their business processes and identify new opportunities. The partners and independent software vendors (ISVs) will continue to serve their customers providing vertical solutions, add-ons and services on the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace. This is an online catalog which allows the customers to search and try a solution that will fit to their specific business needs and to find and connect a Microsoft partner. Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace also provides to the partners opportunities to reach a broader audience and grow their business.

To the attendees at Convergence 2011 were demonstrated some of the newest features of the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 – rich functionalities related to financial management, human resource management and others business processes; Unified Natural Models, ensuring library of business processes that reflect real-world situations; improved BI functionalities; RoleTailored interface was on main focus during the demonstration. Microsoft announced that the Beta version of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 will be released in April and the final version will be officially available in August 2011.

You can find more information about Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 here.

About Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is a product line of integrated, adaptable, and easy-to-use ERP and CRM solutions that enable business decision makers to quickly respond to market shifts, take advantage of new trends, increase their competitive edge and drive business success. Microsoft Dynamics business solutions have more than 300 000 customers and over 3 million users around the world. Microsoft Dynamics are the most popular ERP and CRM solutions in Bulgaria.