Check up and count goods for shipping with Barcode Scanning app

September 27, 2022

Do you need to prepare and count many goods for shipping with barcode scan in locations with advance Warehouse Shipment Management (WHM)? Barcode Scanning application facilitates receiving, shipping and transferring of goods by scanning items barcodes in warehouses, wholesale, and distribution. It is certified and available now in Microsoft AppSource.

The extension, developed by Intelligent Systems, is designed to work with barcodes scanners that are USB connected to the computer workstations and is natively integrated within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Having the app installed you may easily complete physical counting of the inventory and write-off the inventory with a barcode scanner.

The Barcode Scanning application enhances the control of the in-house business operations as it integrates barcode scanners in the process of identification, validation and counting of goods. With the new app you optimize the inventory handling by automating the sales and purchase processes and eliminating the risk of wrong data entries.

Thus, you may create sales lines and purchase lines easily by using barcode scanning. In addition, you can receive goods with barcode scanning both in standard purchase document and in vendor receipt document.

The app facilitates the entire process of transferring and shipping of goods to other company locations, as well as receiving and transferring of goods to partners’ delivery locations.  

Among the main advantages for businesses is the speedy data entry and increased time-efficiency, as well as accuracy of inventory records by minimizing human errors.

Currently, it is the only app on the market that empowers a functionality for barcode scanners connected with computer stations.

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