CBA works successfully with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Retail

April 18, 2011

Trynchev Ltd. was established in 1995 in Shoumen, as a part of CBA – one of the leading and fast-growing FMCG chains in Bulgaria. Starting the first store 15 years ago, today the company has eight retail stores in Shoumen with more than 350 employees.

Since its establishment, Trynchev Ltd. has been a successful company which contributed CBA leadrship in the region. In order to meet the increasing business needs during the years, the company had invested in various software products for management of POS, back office, mobile devices, accounting software and others. Due to the rapid company expansion, these software products had gradually became insufficient for effective and smooth business processes. The management team searched for a new, more effective business management solution. Among the reasons for this were: increased variety of products, need of effective data management, increased complexity and specifics of the business processes, the necessity of accurate control and purchase planning, the need of flexible price policy and attractive loyalty programs.

“For all these years we have worked with different software products, but every time the result was not what we needed. Our business processes were complex and they usually required a lot of time for manual handling. Many errors were generated. The data and reports were out of date and thus we did not have a real view over our business. Our company’s dynamic business development exceeded the software functionalities. The priority for us was reorganization and optimization of all business processes and operations in our company”, says Mr. Yuriy Trynchev, Managing Director at Trynchev Ltd.

The management team realized the necessity of integrated business management system to ensure accurate real-time information and optimized processes at all levels – from the stores, through the warehouse to the head office. In 2009 they researched the market for ERP solutions and arranged a few meetings with companies using similar software systems. Beside the functionalities and modification features of the system, important was also the quality of the implementation services and experience of the implementator.

Trynchev Ltd. chose the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the specialized retail add-on solution LS Retail. Intelligent Systems Bulgaria – the Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Retail leader in Bulgaria – was chosen for a partner in the implementation project.

The integrated ERP system has been delivered for a few months. Microsoft Dynamics NAV now integrates all the information and business processes related to financial management, sales, purchases, warehouse, POS, back office, and head office. The Intelligent Systems’ team has developed a few functionalities in order to improve the pricing process and purchase planning for any particular store. According to Trynchev’s company policy, a specific functionality for loyalty program management has been developed.

From September through October 2010, all CBA stores gradually implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Retail. The unified database integrates and controls all the data generated from the stores and the warehouse. The company’s management team tracks in real time the inventory by stores, periods, etc. The purchase planning is improved by different parameters – minimum on-stock quantity, seasonal, promotions and so on. The system ensures flexibility in price changes which are reflected immediately in all stores. Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Retail manage the CBA customer loyalty programs related to accumulation of discounts for particular product groups and discount levels.

“Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides us a proven data security and effective management of the business processes in the company. Through the specific dynamic reports we track the movements in our business in real time. The integrated system gives us new opportunities and perspectives to grow”, adds Mr. Trynchev.

“The realization of this project brought many challenges but due to the flexible features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the expertise of our team, we provided a working solution which meets the requirements of Trunchev Ltd. We are glad that the company management chose Intelligent Systems Bulgaria and believed that their business can be dynamic and successful with the right business management solution”, says Kalin Tzvetanov, Managing Director at Intelligent Systems Bulgaria.

About Trynchev Ltd.

The company Trynchev Ltd. is a part of the Bulgarian FMCG chain CBA. With its eight retail stores in Shoumen, the company is the largest local retail chain with more than 350 employees.