AutoMaster has a new version

June 28, 2010

ADP Dealer Services presents the new version of AutoMaster 7.2 – the innovative and integrated system designed specially for automotive companies. More than 23 000 users in over 800 organizations around the world work with it. AutoMaster is an endorsed and recommended product by many automobile manufacturers and importers in more than 40 countries. The system is extremely flexible and follows the best and proven business practices. The new AutoMaster provides maximum benefits from its competitive advantages to the customers.

The last version of AutoMaster includes range of additional features referring to the Workshop, Customers Relationships Management (CRM) and eService applications. Among the main improvements are: easier navigation between different modules, simplified and more intuitive interface, easier and faster multi-site workshop support, more efficient planning and performance of all activities, better monitoring of the workshop activities. A number of important modifications has been made to the Call Centre module to improve the quality of customer service. The new version of AutoMaster delivers more opportunities to efficient management of duplicate records.

AutoMaster 7.2 requires less operational memory which reduces time and costs and improves the overall system performance. Other technical features are also optimized physical size of the database and faster data import from other applications.

“Every company that wants to be successful has to respond most flexibly to the dynamic business environment. The key feature in the last version of AutoMaster is that it allows users to work more efficiently and gives them new growth opportunities”, commented Kalin Tzvetanov, Managing director, Intelligent Systems Bulgaria

Intelligent Systems Bulgaria is the official ADP Dealer Service distributor in Bulgaria. The team of Intelligent Systems Bulgaria has proven expertise and know-how in the automotive branch gathered through implementation projects in many of the leading auto companies in Bulgaria – Unitrade–X, Bulavto Holding, RMG Holding, Auto Union, Auto Plus, Euratec, Rimex Engineering, Bodycar and many others.

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