Another Milestone Achieved: Cyprus Welcomes Isystems Group

May 02, 2024

A whole new chapter in our journey has begun! Isystems Group has just opened a new office location in Cyprus. The new entity is headed by Marinos Angelides, General Manager for the country and a professional with more than 20 years in the field. This is not just a huge milestone for our organization, but also another proof that sometimes turbulent times create good opportunities for business growth.

A Step Closer to Our Partners

The grand opening of our office location was held at Lemon Park in Nicosia and welcomed about 100 guests, representatives of various companies, business partners, and industry organizations. Among them were long-term partners of Isystems Group who took part in a panel discussion, devoted to the digitalization journey and the opportunities for organizations to capture the maximum of emerging technologies.

Together with Dimitris Mitsas, Business Applications Sales Lead at Microsoft, we discussed our current initiatives to help businesses move to the cloud. So far, the long-term partnership between Microsoft and Isystems Group has led to the development of over 50 official applications in AppSource and multiple successful projects for our customers worldwide.

Together with Charis Katsaras, Chief Financial Officer at VLM, we had the privilege to put our long-lasting collaboration with Voici La Mode under the spotlight. 10 years ago VLM Group, a retail and hospitality company, faced the challenge of switching from a traditional accounting software to an ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision). That was the time when our paths crossed and VLM became one of the first customers of Isystems Group in Cyprus. During the years VLM has already benefited in multiple ways from our partnership by optimizing various business processes within their organization. A decade later, we are transitioning to the new era of cloud services looking forward to benefiting even more from integrating AI and advanced features within our tools.

Argyro Efstathiou, Chief Financial Officer at CTC, was also one of our panelists, emphasizing on the successful collaboration with Isystems Group and the support that our organization provides through consulting services and technical experts aiming at real impactful solutions for our partners and clients.

Gerasimos Ntouskas, Board Member, Technology Consulting, KPMG also contributed to the discussion with an overview of Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the right solution for organizations that still rely on legacy systems and are burdened with multiple software solutions for their various needs. At Isystems Group we have already helped many of them streamline and optimize their operations due to our integrated solutions.

Exciting Times Ahead on the Local Market

The new General Manager for Isystems Cyprus also shared his vision for the development of the local office and its strategic role in Isystems Group plans.

“We recognize the immense potential this island holds, both economically and culturally. What you could expect from our organization is: strong collaboration and partnerships with public and private entities; innovation and investment in development; adaptability and agility to respond to market dynamics; community engagement and socially-oriented culture; and, last, but not least, care for our people whom we consider our greatest asset.” – says Marinos Angelides.

Boyan Martinov, Chairman at the Board of Directors at Isystems Group, also shared the company’s ambitious plans and vision for growth on the island. His insights shed light on Isystems Group’s commitment to leveraging its expertise of more than 500+ projects worldwide to cater to the evolving needs of the Cyprus market while fostering innovation and excellence.

“The opening of Isystems Group’s office in Cyprus signifies a big milestone in the company’s global expansion strategy, positioning it as a catalyst for technological innovation and business excellence in the region.” – added Boyan Martinov.

At our welcome event we were also pleased to welcome Andreas Andreou, Director of Industrial Development, Innovation, and Environment, Chamber of Commerce, and discuss with him the current state of digitalization of the Cyprus’ business ecosystem and the potential for further growth that we will also contribute to. Having in mind the rising potential of the region and the ambition of Isystems Group to grow its business, despite the challenges for the IT sector, we are looking for even greater milestones in the months and years to come.