An excellent opportunity for the retail companies to eliminate major business risks

January 17, 2014

Many retail organizations still use 2, 3, 4 and even more stand-alone business management systems like POS, warehouse and accounting software, supply chain applications and more. Working with several separate solutions, besides expensive for maintenance, often creates great risks based on discrepancies in data stored (inaccurate financial information, incorrect quantities in-stock, duplicate records, etc.).

To help retailers cope with this kind of challenges, LS Retail – a global leader in software solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics, made a proposal that companies from the sector would not resist!

The time is now!

Starting from 2nd January till 20th June , 2014, retailers have the opportunity to replace all stand-alone software applications with a single integrated platform Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS NAV Starter Pack at a promotional price of € 9 900*!

Covering all aspects of the organization – from shops to central offices, from POS terminals to warehouses, from merchandising to back-office activities, the solution keeps all information in a single database and thus, supports elimination of major business risks. In addition, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS NAV enable companies to achieve full control over their processes and to devote more time and resources to sales. This consequently leads to better financial results.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS NAV provide a Bulgarian interface and strictly follow local regulatory requirements. This is thanks to Intelligent Systems Bulgaria – official localization partner of Microsoft and LS Retail for the country.

The LS Retail proposal includes:

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV R2 Starter pack functionality
  • 5 full Microsoft Dynamics users
  • LS Retail Solution including POS, Store and Headoffice
  • 5 LS Nav 2013 Units**

Are you ready to start a new era in management of your business activities?

For more information on the terms and conditions of the promotion, and other attractive offers, please contact us >>>

* The promotion is valid for new users of Microsoft Dynamics and LS Retail.

** In any combination of Store, POS, Mobile POS with minimum 1 Store.  

About Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a business management solution that is built to handle the needs of a growing company. With this solution businesses can easily add customers, extend product lines or expand to new markets. Dynamics NAV integrates accounting and finance, marketing and sales, supply chain and people/project/service management, and more into a single solution. 

About LS NAV

LS Nav is solution of LS Retail built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It offers a feature-rich POS, Store Operations, Back Office, as well as in-depth reporting and analytics, and can be tailored to any specific industry like Fashion, Furniture, Electronics, FMCG and much more.

On a world scale, LS Retail products are used in over 2500 companies with more than 40 000 stores and 100 000 POS terminals. Some of the LS Retail clients over the world are: adidas, IKEA, Levi Strauss & Co Europe, Booths supermarkets, Pizza Hut, APC Japan, Gamestop/EB Games and may others. In Bulgaria, the first-class retail solution is used by: Office 1 Superstore, LC Waikiki, Mania, CBA and others.