Advanced Manufacturing: Disassembly – handle your manufacturing for splitting large raw materials into smaller outputs

May 27, 2022

Running a successful business in the manufacturing industry requires precise planning and excellent change and cost management. To achieve all the above, the companies need a reliable software solution with specially developed tools. Fortunately, the Intelligent Systems team created an app that ensures the effective management of the producing organizations. It is integrated into Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Advanced Manufacturing: Disassembly is the first application we have built specially for the manufacturing industry and is perfect for companies that convert (by disassembly or cutting) one large raw material into multiple products.

Through the handy functionalities of the Disassembly app, you will have detailed overview of your production costs and profit generated when you disassemble raw materials. Its forecasting features allow you to calculate in advance the production costs and estimate the waste values in case of changes in the raw material cost. Moreover, through the wide range of setups, you can prepare simulations before starting the actual production. Thus, you can make a detailed plan of the production processes and always be prepared for possible market changes.

Our new app went successfully through the certification process, and it is now available in Microsoft AppSource.

What are the other benefits you will receive if you choose Advanced Manufacturing: Disassembly? Contact us for more information.

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