Advanced Manufacturing: Capacity Cost Revaluation App Keeps Track of Fixed Product Price 

August 24, 2022

The Intelligent Systems team has developed an application for the manufacturing sector that ensures competent cost revaluation per production quantity. Capacity Cost Revaluation provides precise planning, effective change and cost management. It is fully compatible with Dynamics 365 Business Central, having passed the certification process, and now available on Microsoft Appsource

Advanced Manufacturing: Capacity Cost Revaluation is the second application we have developed for the manufacturing industry. Companies with longer production cycles that span multiple accounting periods and want to be able to track actual expenses can benefit from integrating the app and experience from first hand. 

How is Capacity Cost Revaluation  used on a daily basis? 

Want a comprehensive outlook of your production expenses and profit earned?  Rely on the convenient features of the Capacity Cost Revaluation. Do you need a calculation report for production orders and displays capacity costs by work and machine centers, as well as planned and actual material costs organized by category? Add Capacity Cost Revaluation app to your ERP. 

An additional benefit of using the app is that the production cost elements report works with finished production orders and displays the breakdown of capacity costs and material costs into their components. 

What are the other advantages you will receive if you choose Advanced Manufacturing: Capacity Cost Revaluation? Get in touch with us for further details. 

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