ACO using Microsoft Dynamics NAV in Bulgaria

March 10, 2010

ACO Building Elements – the Bulgarian division of ACO Group was founded in 2000. The main company activity is trading of drainage, building drainage and wastewater purification systems. ACO has a central warehouse located in Sofia, while the sales are carried out by various dealers across the country, retailers and building companies or investors, divided into zones. Already 10 years on the Bulgarian market, ACO has realized numerous infrastructure projects, petrol stations, hypermarkets, shopping and business centers, showrooms, hotels, airports, hospitals, living quarters throughout the country.

The last years were really successful for the company, its business expanded, the sales, distributors and customers have been increasing countinuously, as well as the amount of work. There are many new processes and thus the business complexity rised. There came a moment when managing the distribution network and the increased number of partners and customers have already become a real challenge for the company. They concerned both more effective management processes in accounting and finance, sales and marketing, supply management and warehouse as well as provision of stable competitive advantage over other companies in the industry, especially when having the global economic crisis coming at this time.

ACO is one of those companies that were flexible enough to use the turbulent economic environment and optimize their businesses, establish more efficient business processes in order to reduce costs and increase revenue. The management of the company realizes that the way to achieve all this is implementation of an integrated management system, covering all business processes. Then there was extensive research on the ERP market in Bulgaria, on the suitable solutions and an implementator to be their long-term partner.

In the middle of 2009, ACO started an implementation project on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and became one of the first companies in Bulgaria to implement the latest version of the system – Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 with a set of new features. Among the main reasons for choosing the Microsoft ERP solution are the various solution features, its easy modification, so the system can follow the business logic and processes of the company, intuitive interface and last but not least – the short implementation term. The implementator was chosen to be Intelligent Systems Bulgaria – a leader in the Microsoft Dynamics solutions on the Bulgarian market and a reliable partner with proven expertise.

The implementation took only a few months and now ACO has already a working business system that provides a complete overview of the whole company. Now the employees have easy access to all information and data they need in their daily work on which accuracy they can fully rely. Microsoft Dynamics NAV has an intuitive interface similar to Microsoft Outlook, which facilitates the work of the users, and new employees can orientate quickly and easily and start real work with the system almost immediately and with minimal training. The increased productivity of employees who manage all activities through a single system, is tangible. Based on current information, the management always takes confident business decisions and have reports and analyses that allow them to respond to market changes and problems even before they occur. Microsoft Dynamics NAV streamlines the management of the overall activities of ACO and provides a competitive advantage and flexibility to the company so it can continue its successful development and keep its leading positions on the Bulgarian market

“We are happy that ACO chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV and us as a partner for implementation and support of the system. The fact that ACO is a world leader in its industry, set even higher criteria and requirements for the quality of the services. We believe that ACO made the best choice and hopefully discover the benefits of the integrated business management”, said Boyan Martinov, Sales Manager, Intelligent Systems Bulgaria.

About ACO Building Elements Ltd.

ACO offers high quality systems and solutions for design, construction and environmental technologies for drainage and wastewater treatment infrastructure projects, industrial, residential and commercial buildings. ACO Group has branches in over 40 countries on 4 continents and 31 production sites in 13 countries with over 3500 employees.