Choose the right retail solution: free 1-day assessment

April 13, 2020

We’re excited to share that our free 1-day assessment for retail companies is now up on AppSource! The assessment aims to determine the kind of retail software a company needs by analyzing its needs and technology status.

The assessment is divided into three stages: the first one allows us to understand the business, its processes and current systems, the second one is a fit-gap analysis that identifies what solution best fits the company’s needs and the third one is a brief demo of standard features.

As a result, the company should expect to receive a Dynamics 365 assessment report that includes a list of defined required capabilities and business benefits. This will allow for a better understanding of their needs and what’s the best way to stay on top of their operations.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the retail sector, we are confident we’ll provide an exact assessment of business operations and a solution to retail businesses’ needs.

retail assessment

Find out more about our 1-day retail assessment and which solution best fits your retail business here.