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Whether you are in the FMCG business or in retail and manufacturing of machinery parts, our advanced application is tailored to meet your needs. Take control of your operations and:

  • Manage easily the disassembly of raw materials into products
  • Predict values of wastage and profit
  • Set up simulations and forecast

Meat processing


Dairy processing


Machinery parts

Streamline processes with the Disassembly app, ideal for:

  • Manufacturers who convert raw materials into products
  • Producers who disassemble (disintegrate) equipment
  • Companies that extract raw materials
Meat products
Dairy products

Achieve optimal results

  • Set up simulation/planning before starting production to identify any potential issues and optimize the process
  • Accurately calculate the value of production, estimated value of production in case of cost changes and wastage, by using the forecasting feature
  • Create disassembly orders with various setups and options according to your goals
  • Efficiently manage various production elements in the Item card of the material
  • Automated Revaluation of production assures accuracy and consistency
  • Generate reports detailing the disassembly cost, providing transparency and insight into the production process

Maximize your efficiency with the Disassembly app

  • Improve cost management and market adaptability
  • Avoid unforeseen expenses and remain ahead of the competition in a constantly changing market
  • Receive valuable insights into the profitability and the value of production
  • Take operations to the next level and enjoy enhanced efficiency, productivity, and profitability
  • Streamline processes and achieve optimal results

At a glance

Release Notes

FeaturesBC Minimum VersionRelease Date
Small Technical Fixes:
Statistics Button removed; App Website added in About page;
Role Center Interface Fixes.
FeaturesBC Minimum VersionRelease Date
Added new functionalities:

Disassembly Setup Wizard
Guided App Registration
Data Migration assisted setup – Templates with or without data
Review and configure the imported data and settings

Onboarding Elements
– Disassembly profile – Welcome Banner with Get Users Started Checklist
– Disassembly Order Processor Profile
– Disassembly Order Processor Profile – Welcome Banner with Get Users Started Checklist
– Teaching tips (Pop ups) and tours for onboarding users
FeaturesBC Minimum VersionRelease Date
Added new functionalities:

Add Dimensions in Disassembly Header and Line of Default Dimensions to Location Code
New Report “Inventory Valuation – WIP” to include Production orders and Disassembly orders
FeaturesRelease date
Small Technical Fixes22.07.2022
FeaturesMinimum BC VersionRelease Date
Initial Release and Publication on Microsoft AppSource18.
Functionality: Disassembly BOM
Possibility to set production or consumption for line in Disassembly BOM
Possibility to set the quantities of the components in percentages and automatic calculation of the
quantity per unit of consumption
Possibility to set Resources as part of BOM
Functionality: Disassembly Forecast
Calculation of the estimated value of the production in case of a change in disassembly price or
additional costs of the raw material
Calculate the estimated value of the production
Functionality: Output Revaluation
Revaluation of output through Job Que
Revaluation of Disassembly Orders Revalue Entry
Documents and reports
Cost in Disassembly orders
Output Revaluation
Functionality: Output Revaluation
Auto Revaluation of production at the finished Disassembly order

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