Working with subcontractors in construction: could a software solution improve project management?

Jul 01, 2019

By subcontracting, your construction company outsources certain types of work to other companies. While this gives you an opportunity to work on more than one phase of development of a project, it can easily get messy when there are several going on. It can be hard to keep track of subcontractors’ engagements towards you, as well as yours towards them. Read on to find out if a software solution for construction companies can help you alleviate some of the pressure of working with subcontractors.

Would it make keeping track of subcontractors’ activities easier?

A software solution enables you to appoint specific tasks and projects to subcontractors directly from the bill of quantity, and then keep track of their obligations towards your company. The subcontractors would then report the construction work they have done of you and bill you for what you owe them. Subsequently, you may choose to charge the investor automatically.

Software solutions developed specifically for the construction business help you manage contracts better – whether that is with a subcontractor or an investor. This includes annexes and any changes, thus making it easier to see if a business partner is fulfilling their obligations towards you. You can also keep track of retention for each project.

What happens with all the generated data?

Perhaps the biggest benefit of having a software solution that helps you manage subcontractors, is that keeping track of data is much easier. If your company works with Excel instead, any changes would not be directly reflected in the accounting department.

Furthermore, you would inevitably encounter difficulties tracking information regarding all of your projects a single subcontractor is working on. Now multiply this by five, ten, or however many subcontractors your company works with. With software such as Construction for Dynamics 365, you can access an overview of all sites a specific contractor is working on.

Overall, the software solution allows you to make a full circle in your relationships with subcontractors – you can appoint projects and tasks, keep track of progress and reports, transfer and receive payments automatically. This enables your company to focus on the big decisions without being buried in small, but nevertheless essential issues.

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