What are the benefits of working with a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner?

May 13, 2021

Our company annually proves its experience and knowledge to achieve the status of Certified Gold Partner, the highest level of recognition in the Microsoft Dynamics partner network. Thus, we guarantee our best-in-class technical expertise to our customers and partners. Learn more about what requirements a Microsoft partner needs to satisfy to become Gold Certified.


What does it mean that a silver or gold competence has been achieved?

Microsoft validates the readiness of its partners in certain competency areas and if they reach the set bar, they can achieve silver or gold status. The evaluation is prepared based on project history, customer references, and employees’ knowledge and skills.


See in which areas Intelligent Systems is certified as a gold partner:

Gold Application Integration
The Application Integration achievement underscores Intelligent Systems’ ability to perform configuration tasks, integrate applications and data, increase efficiency, and drive business results.

Gold Data Analytics
With the Data Analytics Award, Intelligent Systems demonstrates competence and capabilities in working with data such as linking sources, performing transformation, modeling, and visualization. In addition, the focus of this certification is the high performance in the fields of Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, and Big Data.

Gold Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
The achievement of Enterprise Resource Planning distinguishes Intelligent Systems as a provider offering Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP solutions covering all standards. The software helps customers build all the basic processes needed to run a business: finance, manufacturing, human resources, supply chain, services, procurement, and more.

Gold Application Development
The Application Development competency demonstrates the technical capabilities of Intelligent Systems’ employees in the design, development, and monitoring of cloud and web-based client applications in Azure or Microsoft 365 environments.

Gold Datacenter
The datacenter is related to the technical capabilities for designing, deploying, and maintaining the Windows Server infrastructure in a scaled and highly virtualized environment.


To access the full list of company certifications, please contact us.

What does Microsoft Certified Application mean?

In addition to the technical expertise, we prove the high quality of the products we develop. They are validated and certified by Microsoft and after approval, our solutions are published in AppSource, the destination for business application. Intelligent Systems has developed 7 business applications, certified by Microsoft in the fields of Facility Management, Event Management, Construction, Transportation and Forwarding, Automotive Retail, Van-Sales, and Merchandise.


In conclusion

Intelligent Systems has 17 years of experience in implementing and developing modern software solutions that aim to optimize business activities in any company. In addition to the listed competencies, over the years, we have been awarded as Partner of the Year for Central and Eastern Europe and a member of the elite group of Microsoft Dynamics partners – Inner Circle. If you want to learn more about how we can help your business grow, do not hesitate to contact us!

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