The benefits of a standardized BI solution for Microsoft Dynamics

Jul 08, 2020

As an extension of the webinar hosted on the topic of business intelligence, we’re happy to share some of the key takeaways that were provided by Mladen Gvozdenovic, CEO and Chief Solutions Architect at BI4Dynamics. 

BI4Dynamics is a standardized business intelligence solution that provides significant opportunities to expand and customize upon the standard Microsoft Power BI capabilities for Dynamics 365 systems. More specifically, the solution is built on top of an SQL server and uses Power BI as a frontend. BI4Dynamics is ready-to-use and doesn’t require any prior knowledge of how business intelligence solutions function. It has an intuitive interface and most actions are simple to do: for example, users can add or remove measures through an easy to use drag and drop menu. They can also use filters (just like in Power BI) to only look at specific companies, periods or operations. 

What are the aspects of analyzing application areas?  

There are two aspects of analyzing every application area. One is time intelligence and the other is business features for that particular business area. 

Time intelligence is comparing the base measure through different time perspectives. In BI4Dynamics one base measure can have 38 different variations, for example those relating to time intelligence vary from month to month, year to year, period to period, and others. Furthermore, you can analyze time dimensions by the hour, the quarter of the hour, etc. This is especially important for retail businesses which need a constant, detailed real-time view of their businesses. 


Another aspect of BI4Dynamics is its functionality to look into content for a specific area. This is an example of how the solution uses the business intelligence features: you enter the information for the location – cities, countries, or latitude and longitude – and thus improve the master file. 

What else should I expect to gain from BI4Dynamics? 

A useful feature that applies to sales or retail is the ‘last transactions’ module. It gives you insights into your customer behavior and preferences. If a problem arises, it’s easy to spot with surgical precision – whether that is decreasing sales at a specific location or a product that’s not selling as well as expected. Once such a problem is spotted, it is of course a matter of time for it to be solved. 

Most importantly, business intelligence nowadays advocates for the so-called “self-service” – meaning that your partner will provide you with a simple to use solution and train you on how to use it in order for you to be completely self-reliant when it comes to BI. There’s no complicated formulas that need to be entered, dashboards will pop up with your data automatically. 


Are you curious what else BI4Dynamics has to offer? To see more application areas such as Receivables, Inventory and Purchase Delivery, register to watch the webinar on-demand! 

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