Ten advanced features of Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud. Which are they, and why will they be helpful to you? (Part 2)

Dec 13, 2021

After presenting 5 of the most useful features of Dynamics 365 Business Central in the cloud in Part 1 of this blog material, it’s time to look at the rest of the list.

  • Word layouts 

You can use the functionality both for print and email layouts. There is no need for in-depth training. You only have to know how to work in Word and how to add the predefined variables (i.e., the customer name or document date, etc.) as part of your layout. Another benefit is that you save money and time, as you no longer need to assign related tasks to your vendor. Combine this with the ability to assign different layouts to each customer or vendor card in the system, and the fun is just beginning. 

  • Dimensions corrections in G/L + allowed dimensions value 

This feature allows you to edit or add valuable dimensions directly in General Ledger (i.e., if you posted a document and realized that the Cost Center is wrong). In addition, you control which dimensions to include in documents before posting them in the system by an additional filter that defines which values you want to allow (i.e., only limit certain cost centers for a given customer or only a specific product group for a particular vendor).

  • Inventory documents 

This new feature allows posting positive or negative adjustments from a dedicated document with its header and lines and archiving functionality, instead of only through the journals. Also, it allows you to set different print layouts for the various types of inventory adjustments you post.

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  • Production BOM and Routing in SKU card 

A convenient feature for production companies. It provides maximum flexibility and convenience in tracking items on stock. There are two scenarios where the functionality is helpful: 1) In case, you are using variants, and you want to define different BOM or Routing per variant; 2) If you own two or more factories with different machines in action, and you want to use separate routings per location. Now you can solve both situations by setting BOM and Routing directly in the SKU card.

  • Dynamics 365 Business Central provides even more new columns on pages

Did you ever think that the ERP system can be more flexible in personalization? Microsoft is already working on adding a lot of columns available on various pages. Thus, many manual customizations will become obsolete as the number of columns and fields shown by default in different pages increases, and there are even more new fields available for the users to add through personalization. The upcoming improvements will have a positive impact on the implementation cost because you will no longer need to assign tasks for changes to your vendor. The goal is Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud to become more adaptable and easier to customize.

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