Team communication brightens work routine

Aug 04, 2023

I appreciate the freedom we have to prioritize our job tasks and the hybrid way of working.

Albena Tzvetkova, Group Financial Manager

Who is Albena in her personal life and professional life?

I am 47 years old, married, with a son and a dog (which is my second child). I am most happy when travelling with family and friends. I love hiking and climbing makes me cheerful, bringing fresh energy to mind and body. I also love reading and listening to music. I would say I am a peaceful and patient person. The largest part of my work experience relates to accountancy.

What made you choose Intelligent Systems, and how has the company supported your growth during these 15 years?

Before joining Intelligent Systems team, I worked as an accountant for 10 years. Then I felt I needed a new kind of challenge, so I accepted the opportunity to become a part of Intelligent Systems team as Navision (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central) implementation consultant. Later, I took senior consultant position, which supplemented the PM job as well. After that I moved to the accountancy department as chief accountant.

What is the biggest challenge in the job of Group Financial Manager?

One of the biggest challenges was standardizing the reporting policy of the companies in the group, as the difficulties were mainly with foreign entities due to legal differences in accounting reporting. In addition, we succeeded in uniting all the group companies’ workflow in one system (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central), with the purpose to have up-to-date accounting information in the group.

What are the 5 things that you like most in your job?

The first and foremost thing is the people. We communicate well with the colleagues in the accountancy department, as well as with the other team members. These are the things, which satisfy me most in my everyday work.
Quite often our work is full of all kinds of challenges, new tasks, which brightens the routine that is usually a big part of accountancy tasks.
I appreciate having the freedom to plan our working hours and prioritize jobs, as well as the hybrid way of work. The company management trusts us, and for all of us this is the main reason to feel happy being part of the Intelligent Systems.

What are your tips for work-life balance?

Workflow planning, prioritizing the tasks, and time management are the essential prerequisites for me to successfully and timely execute the jobs. I believe the knowledge needs to be shared with the team to be successful as a whole. Experienced and skilled employees can support other team members in everyday work. Of course, overtime is inevitable, but I believe that when we are well organized daily, and the good team we have in the accountancy department, the overtime will be less.

What is Intelligent Systems to you? Describe it in two words.

A cozy home.

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