Run Facility Management for Dynamics 365 trial in 5 easy steps

Nov 03, 2017

We are excited about the release of Facility Management for Dynamics 365 on Microsoft AppSource. Based on the Dynamics 365 cloud platform, the property and facility management solution can be installed and tested for free, with no automated charges after the expiration of the trial period.

All you need to do is to follow the instructions below, and of course, be a current Microsoft Dynamics 365 user with admin rights. (Don’t have admin rights or Dynamics 365 at all? Do not worry! Just register for the Dynamics 365 free trial and come back to these steps.)

1. Go to Microsoft AppSource

  • Go to Microsoft AppSource and search for Facility Management for Dynamics 365, or just click here
  • Click on Free trial

Dynamics Facility on Microsoft Appsource

2. Terms and conditions

As with any other software, you should agree with the terms and conditions for the installation process to begin:

  • Read our terms of use and privacy policy highlighted in the info window
  • Accept the terms by checking the box with a thick mark ()
  • Click on Continue

dynamics facility


3. Final step:

  • Add the application to the organization/environment you set up in Dynamics 365 by choosing it from the dropdown menu
  • Read Microsoft’s Legal terms and Privacy statements
  • Agree to the Legal terms and Privacy statement by checking the boxes with thick marks (✓)
  • Click on Agree

Dynamics Facility free trial


4. Monitor the installation process

The system will transfer you to Dynamics 365 Administration Center, meaning the installation process has started.

  • Wait for 5-10 mins for the installation to complete
  • Reload the browser (Ctrl+F5)
  • When Facility Management for Dynamics 365 status says Installed, you are ready to begin

Dynamics 365 admin center


5. Congrats!

It’s time to take advantage of your 30 day trial of Facility Management for Dynamics 365. Log in your Dynamics 365 environment and select the Facility Management for Dynamics 365 tale.

Dynamics Facility on Dynamics 365


If you meet difficulties exploring the solution, do not hesitate to contact our team. We’ll be happy to help you!

hint: ask for the user manual 😉


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