Best practices and advice: how Intelligent Systems supports customers remotely

Mar 30, 2020

During such times of crisis, it’s imperative that companies don’t stray too far from their normal way of functioning. We at Intelligent Systems are no different. Though employees at our five offices in Bulgaria, Romania, Albania and Turkey are working remotely at the moment, we’re determined to be just as productive and as helpful for our customers as we always have been. Naturally, however, some of the ways our day-to-day operations are carried out have changed. Let us share with you how we are empowering the Intelligent Systems team during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Scheduling regular calls between teams

Since daily briefings can’t happen in person, our teams have resorted to regularly scheduled calls to discuss their day-to-day workload and tasks. This helps us delegate and discuss work in an efficient and productive way. And of course, it helps keep spirits up: it’s always a pleasure to drink your morning coffee in the company of your closest work peers.

Scheduling regular calls with our clients

We are aware of the need of constant communication with our clients and offer as much flexibility as possible. At the same time, we take our and our clients’ safety very seriously, so any meeting that does not require our physical presence has been moved online. As usual, we keep in contact with them through regular calls and email updates as well.

Using a flexible and collaborative ticketing solution for rapid service delivery

Our ticketing system allows us to have a clear overview of the needs of our clients and the ongoing issues that need to be solved. Furthermore, it allows our clients to track the progress of each ticket they have sent us. Through our help desk platform we are able to react quickly (up to 2 hours depending on the severity of the issue) and according to service level agreements, making sure our clients’ business solutions continue running smoothly.

Find out more about our Microsoft Dynamics support services.

Using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a communications tool that is already among our top communications channels, remote work or not. It provides useful ways to not only structure communication but be in contact with your team and clients, conduct online meetings and more. As part of Microsoft’s effort to help businesses cope with the Covid-19 pandemic, Teams is available to the wider public: here’s more information about this.

Providing immediate access to resources from partners

We believe that we’re all in this together and there’s always something new to learn from others. This is why we try to share as many resources from our partners such as Microsoft and LS Retail that we believe could be useful to our clients. Here’s a few that we believe are worth sharing:

Microsoft Learn – A platform for interactive learning for Microsoft products

Webinars from Microsoft

LS Retail on how to be productive working from home

Keeping in line with Microsoft’s action plan during the Covid-19 pandemic

Microsoft has provided its clients with a plan on how they will ensure business continuity and has outlined the changes that will occur. We at Intelligent Systems are committed to this plan and we are taking the necessary steps. Read more about Microsoft’s action plan.

We fully realize that ERP systems such as those from the Dynamics 365 family cannot stop functioning – their functionalities and the overview they provide are essential to the businesses which deploy them. Therefore, support for those ERPs cannot cease either. This is why we are fully committed to our clients’ requests and needs during this time.

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