Milena Gabrovska: How to thrive as a woman in IT

Mar 08, 2023

We are delighted to share with you the thoughts of Milena Gabrovska, a Delivery Manager and a mother, which proves that women have many roles in life.

How would you describe yourself?

I am a person like everybody else who often plays different roles as a consultant, project manager, pre-sales, first-level support, psychotherapist, friend and mother.

How does it feel to be a female leader in the IT field?

I do not think there is a difference between a male and a female in the IT field. In both cases, there are advantages and shortcomings in being a manager.

What’s the next big thing you want to achieve?

As a woman, I would like to achieve several things: process automation for project management. I would like the teams in the company to perceive their work as a hobby, the colleagues as family, and clients as friends.

What are your tips for work-life balance?

I am still searching for the right work-life balance and feel that there is space for improvement. I care equally about the success stories and failure moments of both my colleagues and family members. The feeling is like I have not just one, but 61 children and it is difficult to set up boundaries.

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