Inspiration and sustainability: the success story of Stamen and Isystems Group in the technology sector

May 29, 2024

For our 20th anniversary, we had a quick recap with one of Isystems Group’s founders and the hybrid engine behind some of our most interesting and challenging projects – Stamen Delikostov, R&D manager at Isystems Group. 

What motivated you to start a company in the technology field, especially during years when entrepreneurship in this area was not that popular?

I was motivated by the challenge itself. We were a very strong team of exceptional professionals, and I never hesitated to embark on this adventure. We have come a long way and achieved a lot. Of course, there were difficult moments, and some things went wrong, but looking back, we would probably have done it the same way.

What are the core values of the company that stayed over the years? Have they changed with the development of technology, new ways of working, and your growth as professionals?

The main value is teamwork. Problems as well as success are shared. We help and support each other. We have always valued our people and believe that they are our greatest asset. I like how people in the company work purposefully and achieve great results. Technology changes – no problem – we learn the new one. Changes in the working process – we do it.

What is the success of the company that you are most proud of?

Many young people grew up and became really good professionals. These young men and women received important guidance that defines their future in the IT field. Even if they don’t work with us anymore, I am sure they will still be true professionals.

How about work-life balance? Do you have a strategy for that?

I can’t “leave” work at the office. I constantly think about what I accomplished during the day and what needs to be done in the upcoming days. I avoid talking about work at home, especially about problems we have. I focus on activities that enrich me emotionally and recharge my batteries.

Which is the project you will never forget?

Most of the projects in the automotive industry – Unitrade, Euratek, Moto-Pfohe. We have mutual respect with many clients and talk like friends. We gained a lot of knowledge from the clients, and we responded with dedication, perseverance, and understanding of their processes and problems. From every new project, you learn something new – this is what makes our work interesting.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned over these 20 years?

Honesty. Everyone makes mistakes – the important thing is to fix them quickly and with minimal consequences. When you are honest to people, they show understanding, and thus, trust is built.

What are your strongest hopes for the company in the next 20 years?

I hope people in the company will continue to grow both professionally and personally. Then, looking back, to be proud of what they have accomplished.

What motivates you to keep going?

I am motivated by the fact that what we do is at a really high level. We stay ahead of our partners and the latest technology trends. Whatever challenges arise, whatever difficulties come, we overcome them. Sometimes easily, sometimes not so easily – we manage to cope. We aim to peace and security for our people.

If you had to describe the company’s journey with one word or phrase, what would it be?

The Family of Isystems Group.

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