How to install the free trial for the Event Management app for Dynamics 365

May 02, 2019

Intelligent Systems has the pleasure to provide you with a 30-day free trial of Event Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365! What’s more, you may add up to 25 users to explore the app for event management. And don’t worry, we won’t start charging you after the expiration of the trial period, unless you subscribe for the solution.

Keep in mind!

To install and test the app, you have to be a current Microsoft Dynamics 365 user admin. If you aren’t, all you need to do is to download Dynamics 365 trial registration guide and follow the steps. Then come back and proceed with this free trial.

Step by step:

  1. Click here or go to Microsoft AppSource and search for Event Management.
  2. Click on Free trial right below the app logo.

To begin the installation process, you should first agree with our terms and conditions and give permission to Microsoft to access and use your account information. Here’s what you need to do:

3. Read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

4. Accept the terms by checking the box with a ✓.

5. Click on Continue.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll see a screen that tells you it’s taking you to Dynamics 365 in order to complete the process. You don’t have to do anything other than sip on your coffee and enjoy yourself. As soon as it loads, please do the following:

6. Add the application to the organization/environment you set up in Dynamics 365 by choosing it from the drop-down menu.

7. Read Microsoft’s Legal Terms and Privacy Statements.

8. Agree to the Legal Terms and Privacy Statement by checking the boxes with a ✓.

9. Click on Agree.

The system will transfer you to Dynamics 365 Administration Centermeaning the installation process has started.Once again, no action is required on your part.

10. Wait for 5-10 mins for the installation to be complete.

11. Reload the browser (Ctrl+F5).

12. When Event Management status says Installed, you are ready to begin.

What you need to do is to log on your Dynamics 365 environment and select the Event Management module. Congratulations, your 30-day trial has begun!

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