How does having a software solution benefit your fashion retail business?

Jun 12, 2019

The competitiveness and long manufacturing times make fashion retail a challenging business to be in. At the same time, massive opportunities exist for retailers to take advantage of. But it’s important for them to stay flexible and adapt to the changes in the market. Take a look at how a retail software solution could help them do that.

From planning manufacturing to stock management

Planning collections is no easy task and it could easily get complicated, especially when your company works with subcontractors. A software solution would allow you to plan not only the materials used and the steps in the manufacturing process, but also distribute it across your network – whether that is to your own stores, franchisees or even market places. You’d be able to find out how long stocks will last and easily plan replenishment according to real-time data.

Empower your employees and provide impeccable customer service

A must feature is a good POS system that is intuitive and simple to use. This will not only eliminate mistakes that employees may make, but also allow them to provide faster and more pleasant service. And no one wants to wait in long queues. Such a system would provide better opportunities for cross-selling by giving suggestions for linked items, as well as support different types of payment, voucher options and gift cards. The POS system also allows employees to manage other devices such as printers, barcode readers and client displays. Needless to say, it also makes managing brand loyalty programs easier.

Give headquarters full control

A fashion retail software solution would also function as a powerful tool for the head office, giving them a clear overview in order to take swift, confident decisions. It allows them to control different promotions, item costs and provides them with real-time data. Financial information is easy to find, which gives managers opportunities to increase revenue and reduce operational costs. Furthermore, a fashion retail solution allows an overview of returns and refunds, as well as other different transactions.

Be flexible and continue to adapt

All things considered, it’s still important to use ERP software that is flexible and gives you an opportunity to integrate with different software, should the need arise. This is especially important when your company operates in several countries whose legal requirements for software may differ. Furthermore, in order to cover both offline and online shopping, a company would need a solution that can be easily integrated with an e-commerce platform.


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