Exploring the Career Path of Anastasiya Staykova – Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Consultant

Feb 16, 2024

Anastasiya Staykova Shares Growth and Passion for Dynamics 365 Business Consultancy

Could you provide insights into your role and responsibilities within the company?

As an SCM consultant for D365 Finance and Operations, I play a vital role in providing expertise to different business functions on specific Supply Chain Management (SCM) process areas, including planning, manufacturing, sales, purchases, and inventory. My role extends to leading comprehensive analyses, designing efficient business processes, and overseeing the transformation of SCM processes. I collaborate closely with developers to assess necessary customizations, implement and test new functionalities, create user manuals, and conduct training sessions for end users.

Could you share the key chapters that have shaped your professional story during your time with Intelligent Systems?

Two key chapters have significantly shaped my professional journey at Intelligent Systems. The first centers around my impactful work on the Coca-Cola Albania project, where I delved into production and planning, garnering essential experience and expertise. The second crucial chapter unfolds through diverse support projects. These experiences showcase my commitment to continuous learning and versatility within the dynamic landscape at Intelligent Systems.

In what ways has the company nurtured your personal and professional development?

Intelligent Systems has been fostering my personal and professional growth, particularly through the deliberate inclusion in projects and industries where I initially lacked much experience. This strategic approach has not only expanded my expertise but has also provided ample opportunities for learning new functionalities. It highlights the company’s commitment to cultivating a dynamic and empowering environment that actively contributes to my ongoing development.

What inspired you to develop a career as an experienced D365 consultant for Finance and Operations (AX)?

It was a chance. I was Initially hired as a Dynamics 365 Business Central consultant and my journey took an unexpected turn on the very first day when I discovered a shift in the division I would be working in. I believe if it wasn’t this unforeseen twist, I would have become a seasoned Dynamics BC consultant. In any case I am happy with what I do today as Dynamics 365 domain not only shaped my career but also ignited a passion for evolvement in this specialized field.

Your specialty is uncommon. Could you tell us some of the most interesting and challenging aspects you encounter in an ongoing project?

Within my job role, ongoing projects introduce a dual challenge—comprehending and aligning with customer perspectives, all while deftly managing the delicate equilibrium of delivering top-notch quality within tight timelines and budgets. This dynamic interplay of communication and problem-solving injects each project with a blend of fascination and complexity.

What are the top trends in business process management based on your experience with customers?

Based on my extensive experience with customers, I have observed several prominent trends in business process management. First and foremost is the emphasis on process automation, a strategic move to enhance efficiency and streamline operations. Additionally, there is a noticeable adoption of Agile principles, allowing for greater flexibility and responsiveness in navigating the ever-evolving business landscape. Another trend is the increasing preference for low-code or no-code implementations, reflecting a desire for simplified and efficient development processes. These trends collectively underscore a shift towards more agile, automated, and streamlined business processes.

How do you achieve a work-life balance?

Achieving a work-life balance is an ongoing process of skillfully juggling between professional commitments and personal pursuits. This entails efficiently managing time and priorities to ensure that both aspects are adequately addressed, contributing to a holistic sense of well-being.

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