Elena Laleva: Women are source of inspiration in tech companies

Apr 03, 2024

20 years, over 500 projects, and a fulfilled dream. In our 20th  year, we tell the story of Isystems Group with our General manager Elena Laleva, one of the founders of the company.

Elena, let’s take you back to 2004, the year Isystems Group was founded. How did it all start?

The beginning was 20 years ago when 5 people with one “martenitsa” and a lot of enthusiasm went to the first client of Intelligent Systems. It was a complex project that we did in just 2 months. I’m happy to say that today we still partner with them, supporting their Microsoft Dynamics platform.

What has been the main driving force for you and the company during all this time?

At Isystems Group we have always tried to be the best at what we do. We are constantly applying innovative technologies and practices to our project implementations, evolving, vigorously creating, and building our own products. Our most important value is working TOGETHER. We look in the same direction, help each other, and conquer the peaks easier with joint efforts.

Which Isystems Group success story are you most proud of?

Over the years we have built a very strong team of professionals, one of the best in the world. We have extremely competent and responsible people, some of whom we have been together with since the beginning.

What is your strategy to keep your positive energy?

My job gives me great satisfaction and thus, new strength and positive energy to continue to change and grow. A cup of coffee with some milk shared with colleagues in the kitchen also does a wonderful job.

What is the one thing in your work that has inspired you these 20 years?

The results – the whole team working towards the goals we set. This inspires us to keep going without stopping.

What is your work-life balance strategy?

It’s not particularly easy. I think it’s achieved with balanced boundary setting and being 100% where you are.

What is the place of women in the tech industry – today and 20 years ago?

Women have always had their important place in the tech industry, even though it was a male dominated environment to begin with. In our company, from the beginning, the ratio of men to women has been balanced and healthy.

Today, our entire team is like a bouquet in which women are the flowers that give that characteristic air of beauty, freshness, gentle strength and inspiration.

If you had to choose one phrase to describe you journey with Isystems Group?

A fulfilled dream.

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