Eight reasons why companies choose leasing solution

Feb 21, 2023

Enterprise asset leasing has proven beneficial post pandemic both for SME-s and large companies as it allows business owners to acquire equipment instantly without necessarily spending a lot of money. It is projected that the global enterprise asset leasing market size will reach USD 1,751.3 bln. by 2027, exhibiting at a CAGR of 13.45% during 2022-2027, showed the Research and Markets study for 2023.

Enterprise asset leasing involves the renting of commercial equipment, utility vehicles, real estate and information technology (IT) hardware and software for professional applications. As a result, enterprise asset leasing finds extensive application across various industries, including IT, telecommunication, manufacturing, automotive, construction, transportation and logistics.

Intelligent System’s long-term expertise in auto leasing software helped us to create a new software solution, which covers the entire process of financial and operational leasing for items and goods. The application is a great ally in day-to-day client interactions and agreements of companies offering financial and operating leases.

If you need to add to your Dynamics 365 Business Central the ability to calculate lease plans with various components Leasing for Dynamics 365 Business Central is the right tool for that.

The application connects your processes, providing all the necessary functionalities for the management of operating and financial leases, integrated into your ERP system. Moreover, it enables an effortless calculation of lease plans with multiple components, such as basic asset value, insurance, supplementary services and goods. Different lease conditions, including duration, up-front cost and balance due, interest rate, and the option to purchase the asset at lease’s end, could also be quoted.

Top eight functionalities are:

• Streamline lease management with tracking lease payments and the performance of leased assets;
• Better financial planning and integration with the Sales module of Business Central;
• Matrix for calculating the interest rate, insurance payments and/or leasing fee based on the number of installments;
• Configuration matrix for liability policies, obsolescence in compliance with regulations;
• Ability to define various charges in the lease contract, such as liability policy, taxes;
• Selection of insurers for financial risk;
• Automated amount calculation of liability policy, tax and obsolescence
• Improved customer service thanks to the integration with Business Central’s CRM module for tracking opportunities, the stages of a deal, its history, tasks and interactions.

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