Dynamic Journey: From Retail Sales to Expert Consulting

Dec 20, 2023

Lidiya Rouseva shares a decade of growth and passion for Dynamics 365 Business Solutions

What is your role in the company?

– As a Dynamics 365 Business Central Consultant, I currently specialize in the Retail sector. My responsibilities vary depending on the activities. I participate in pre-sales meetings, demonstrating the platforms to new potential customers. I am an integral part of the team during the implementation phase for customers. Lastly, I provide support to my customers, ranging from minor changes and training to additional development of functionalities.

You have been working in Intelligent Systems for quite some time. Tell us your story.

– I have been with Intelligent Systems for a considerable time – more than 14 years now. Initially, Intelligent Systems was a customer of the company I used to work for, and later, I joined the company as a sales representative. In my second year, I established myself as a sales professional with a focus on the retail sector. After ten dynamic years, I transitioned to the consulting division to contribute more to our retail team and customers.

How has the company supported your growth over the years?

– From a sales perspective, I have learned a lot during all the meetings and events I participated in. I have enrolled in various sales courses, learning to focus on customers’ needs, deliver the right message, and achieve goals. All that is now helping me to position myself as a trusted business consultant. Learning the intricacies of the retail business allows me to further develop my knowledge and skills.

What inspired you to develop your career as a Dynamics 365 Business Central Consultant in the field of retail?

– My passion for retail and a desire to contribute to the industry led me to pursue a career as a Dynamics 365 Business Central Consultant. Being involved in all aspects, from sales to implementation and support, enables me to share knowledge and best practices.

What are some of the projects you are most proud of and why?

– I take pride in several challenging retail projects, including Kaliman Caribe, Samex (KFC), and Orange. These projects demanded both complexity and dedication, covering multinational implementations, comprehensive solutions, and integrations with various platforms.

What are some of the most challenging aspects you encounter in a retail project?

– The most challenging aspects of a retail project involve tailoring platforms to cover customer requirements while implementing best practices to enhance their processes.

In the digital times we live in, the customer is very informed when shopping and physical contact is as important as the online service. What kind of attitude is anticipated from retailers to be successful in trade?

Nowadays, a successful retailer needs to recognize the importance of both physical and online interactions. In-person sales require a focus on informed customers, while online sales demand efforts in online positioning, trustworthy reviews, and building a sense of community.
What are the top trends in retail and e-commerce solutions based on your experience with customers and partners?
In today’s Retail, eCommerce, and FMCG industry, technology, equipment, and services hold equal significance. They not only shape modern trends but also propel these industries forward. Top trends in retail and e-commerce solutions include sustainability, phygital shopping, hyper-personalization, in-store efficiency, frictionless delivery, and a luxury goods retail trend.

How do you achieve a work-life balance?

Maintaining a work-life balance is achievable for me through the hybrid model, allowing social engagement at the office, family time at home, and the flexibility to work remotely during the summertime.

What are Lidiya’s hobbies and favorite things to do in leisure time?

Skiing and snowboarding are my greatest passions, so I am always looking forward to the winter. And while I am waiting for the snowflakes I knit and crochet whenever I have some spare time. It is very old school, yet it concentrates my mind and I feel relaxed and recharged afterward, ready for new challenges.

Conquering the mountains: snowboard fan
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