2023-year team building proves Mission IS Possible

Jun 15, 2023

Intelligent Systems team building event, dubbed Mission IS Possible, proved successful on so many occasions in the program activities held in the peaceful Velingrad resort. Even the weather was on our side, raining only in the program breaks and allowing the photographers to memorize the outrageous moments.

Well, we were over 130 people on the spot, and perfectly organized. The team gathered first for the visionary presentation of Kalin Tzvetanov, CEO who shared intriguing insights to distinguish a strong team, shed more light on the company developments and achievements in front of all colleagues from Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, Romania and Turkiye.

Kalin praised the strong team of over 190 people and awarded a great many colleagues for their work anniversaries of 5, 10, and 15 years.

Many IS team members were recognized for their work anniversaries with Intelligent Systems, to name some of them: Hristo Filipov​, Meliha Hyuseinova​,​ Galya Yordanova​, Aleksandar Mishev​, Anastasiya Staykova​, Ivan Dikov, Katya Nikolova, Nadezhda Vlaeva​, Svetla Mihaylova.

Last but not least, it was reported the skills of the teams that completed successful certifications of 49 Apps: Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, Finance and Operations, CRM, and others.

Photos Gallery:

Kalin Tzvetanov, CEO, presenting company team and developments
Anniversary plaquettes: Hristo Filipov
Anniversary plaquettes: Ivan Dikov
Anniversary plaquettes: Katya Nikolova
The penguin dance rocks
Game teams brainstorming
Who will make the best slogan on T-shirt?
Team sign live
Getting ready for the big game
Hercules power in action
A minute is too much to come up with ideas
The game winner teams: Stephan and Atanas certified
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