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Intelligent Systems, together with its partners, offers effective Internet and Mobile applications for companies with a great number of sales representatives, mobile dealers and ditributors; companies which employees need a real-time access to the ERP system data base.

Dynamics Mobile - mobile solution for Microsoft Dynamics ERP          

Dynamics Mobile (previously NAVmobile/AXmobile) is a flexible software solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV ERP systems. Dynamics Mobile provides reliable access to the ERP data anytime, anywhere, allowing all mobile and warehouse employees to work faster and much more effective and to ensure first-class customer service. 

  • Easy access to business data

Dynamics Mobile screenshotDynamics Mobile gives mobile employees easy and fast access to all the business data stored in Microsoft Dynamics. Through the solution users get the right information at the moment they need it and can respond to all customers' queries immediately.

  • Adaptability

Dynamics Mobile is a highly adaptable application that allows customization of the user interface, business logic, stored and synchronized data, and printing and reporting layouts.

  • Integration and automation

The mobile platform for the Microsoft business solutions provides data from the ERP systems into the hands of the employees who need it. The solution allows full integration between the mobile devices and Microsoft Dynamics, using a reliable mobile platform where all the technical challenges have been already solved - remote software deployment, configuration and update, data synchronization, occasionally connected environment, etc.

  • Role-based mobile user experience

The mobile employee's role defines the functionalities of the mobile device and the data sent to each device. Dynamics Mobile provides many opportunities for optimization and effective management of the processes related to Field Sales, and Warehouse and Inventory Management in the companies. 

Pre-Sales and Sales 

Dynamics Mobile allows companies to automate their sales activities by providing salespeople with new, easier ways to execute their everyday tasks. 

  • Register and print orders and invoices
  • Full access to the customer history - sales, offers, orders, financial data, and other
  • Register new customer and visits
  • Complex pricing and discount calculation according to Microsoft Dynamics business logic  

Warehouse and Inventory Management 

The warehouse workers automate and optimize their daily activities by using the Mobile Warehouse functional module. It is based on the Mobile Live Data Link technology allowing the devices to consume data remotely in a real-time manner through WiFi or GRPS. 

  • Receiving goods in the system in real time, easy tracking their stocks and quantities
  • Moving goods from one warehouse location to another and automatically register the movement in the ERP system quickly and easily
  • Allocating items in warehouse bins and zones and automatically register their location in Microsoft Dynamics 
  • Optimized item pick-up process
  • Streamlined and automated shipping process 

Business benefits: 

  • Real time access to vital business information
  • Costs' reduction
  • Minimizing errors due to manual entering of information
  • Fast respond to all customer requests
  • Better decision making
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased employees' productivity
  • Integration and organization according to the existing IT resources
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPRS/3D communication technologies
  • A vision for the future

Dynamics Mobile is developed by Mobile Affairs. Intelligent Systems is partner and exclusive distributor of the mobile solution. Contact us for more information or read the official Dynamics Mobile brochure

Dynamics Mobile iOS         Dynamics Mobile Android 

Certified for Microsoft DynamicsDynamics Mobile certified for microsoft dynamics

The vertical solution meets the highest standards for software developments based on Microsoft business solutions.


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