What is ERP?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a unified platform which guarantees effective management of all activities within the company related to finances and accounting, sales and marketing, manufacturing, supplies, warehouse, planning, HR, business analyses, etc. ERP is a software application suitable for all companies regardless of their type and size - small, midium or large enterprises. ERP systems give employees the opportunity to work much more effectively which guarantees the success of the whole company.

The main characteristics of the ERP systems are:

  • Single database
  • A unifiedworking environment
  • Integration of all modules and real-time work
  • Flexibility, broad applicability, and global focus

Microsoft Dynamics ERP

ERPERP has some significant differences from other business systems. Functions like HR management, supply chain, customer relationships, finances, manufacturing, warehouse, and logistics are usually managed using independent software applications with separate databases and networks which correspond to the specific needs of the department of designation. The ERP solution unifies all processes in one integrated software system using single database so that information can easily be shared among different departments. The ERP system is fully integrated which means that information is entered once and with no further processing it is registered in all connected modules.

Today ERP solutions are being used by a large range of companies, the employees of which work more efficiently, make fewer errors and complete their tasks within preset timeframes due to the integrated business management system. ERP provides these employees with real-time access to the data they need to take key business decisions. Integrated systems facilitates the overall activities of the company, open new possibilities and guarantee high competitiveness and prosperity of the business.

Microsoft Dynamics – Business with no limits

Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions are leading global business solutions and one of the most popular high-class systems in world. Microsoft Dynamics ERP allows employees to work more productively and can be easily adapted to your specific needs. Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems give you the opportunity to quickly and adequately respond to the changes in the dynamic business environment.

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