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Intelligent Systems has always strived to offer latest technologies and optimal conditions to its clients. That is why the company now provides a wide range of Cloud services related to different kind of business software applications and hardware infrastructure. Here can be noted Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM systems, Office 365, rented hardware environment, etc.

Cloud services

With the cloud services of Intelligent Systems, companies use all functionalities and benefits of high level software products without buying license, hardware or paying for their upgrade and support. What is more, they eliminate the necessity of significant initial investments, require clients to pay only for what they use, and at the same time allow them to stay completely focused on their businesses.

In order to offer the same high quality known with any of its other services, Intelligent Systems works closely with its partners, and complies with international standards and successful practices. The company has built a network of highly-secure remote infrastructures, access to which is made through a VPN connection. The powerful server systems provide the necessary for each company data storage space and reliable access for all users anytime, everywhere. In cooperation with Microsoft, Intelligent Systems offers software applications that are automatically updated to their latest version. This is how, by hiring the needed IT resources and professional support, our clients use the full potential of the integrated business management solutions.

With the cloud implementation method, Intelligent Systems significantly reduces the time for configuration and installation, and cuts down the financial resources a client has to put aside for own server infrastructure.

The main advantage of these technologies is the way the services are paid for. With the help of Intelligent Systems, every client choses the most appropriate for its specific business way for licensing the preferred software application – one can buy the necessary licenses or use rented ones (SPLA) for a monthly fee based on actual consumption. Clients define parameters of services by their own and pay only for what they use. A key point is that every company has the opportunity to make changes on the specified hardware and software configurations at any time and thus, to synchronize the IT resources according to the current business needs.

Intelligent Systems offers a variety of software products and solutions as cloud services, including:

IS Cloud

Hardware on rent /IaaS/ 

IS DynamicsCloud
IS DynamicsCloud

Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM


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