Software solutions for wholesale & distribution companies

wholesale and distribution

Dynamic distribution demands the use of flexible tools for effective business management. Specialized software platforms are reliable and intuitive solutions, covering every aspect of the wholesale and distribution business – from taking orders, through inventory and dispatching, supplies, and service management, to forecast and planning for future periods. 

Wholesale & distribution companies now work much more effectively:

  • Integrated database
  • Automated flow of all business processes
  • Reliable access to accurate data –customer history, products from different locations, etc.
  • Strict monitoring over the goods quality
  • Automated tracking of goods from supplier to retailer
  • Monitoring all the activities in warehouses and departments
  • Reduction of the amount of scrapped goods and lower expenses associated with their inventory
  • Optimized dispatching process
  • Use of demand forecast templates for optimization of stock inventory and increase in the customer satisfaction rate. 
  • New channels for communication with customers through Web-based systems
  • Faster and more flexible response to unique customer requirements – specific package, marks, delivery conditions, etc.
  • Real-time business analysis and reports generation.


Intelligent Systems offers specialized solutions to wholesale and distribution companies, based on one of the most widespread business solutions in the world – Microsoft Dynamics. Having gained a considerable experience and know-how in this field, we are confident that we are capable of offering the optimal solution for your company. Please, feel free to contacts us for further information - chat now or call us.

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