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transportation and logistics

  • Transport
  • Logistics
  • Freight forwarding
  • Shipping agency
  • Maritime activities, etc.

The specialized software applications for companies in the transportation and logistics sector encompass and monitor all business processes within the company – fleet management and repairs, mechanization, different types of payment, transport deals, etc. Keeping all information in a single database ensures accurate planning, budgeting, analysis, and control of the transportation process.

Reduction of costs, optimization of resources, and new opportunities for transport and logistics companies:

  • Management of various types of documents, connected to the transport activities
  • Full information stored for every transport or shipment order – load, loading and unloading stations, pallets, linear meters, quantity, etc. 
  • Registration and execution of requests for goods transportation
  • Route administration and waybillsregistration
  • Vehicle amortization assessment
  • Optimal routes and schedules generation, based on various factors
  • Fleet management – vehicle types and detailed features for them, repair management and registration, compositions, etc.
  • Improved customer service
  • Optimized transport costs and executed operations
  • Management of the financial flowand generation of various reports – revenue and costs for driver, route, waybills, area of destination, etc.
  • Integration with internal and external applications
  • Assessment of the efficiency of the used resources – route, vehicle, destination, driver, transporter, etc.
  • Opportunity to prepare real-time analyses and reports for optimal business decision making

The team of Intelligent Systems has gathered vast experience in carrying-out implementation projects in companies in the transport industry. The specifically developed vertical application Dynamics Trans provides many competitive advantages and benefits to companies.

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