Integrated software for discrete, process, and mixed manufacturing:


  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Food and beverage
  • Consumer goods
  • Electronics and high technologies
  • Clothing, fabrics, and textile products
  • Metals and metal products
  • Drugs and chemicals
  • Automobiles and vehicles, etc.

Manufacturing today faces many challenges. Companies need powerful, integrated solutions which can optimize the whole manufacturing process, the supply chain, and the financial flow and the customer relationships management. Business platforms support manufacturers by introducing established manufacturing practices and world-class know-how in the company’s business flow; reducing substantially the manual operations and operational costs.

Use of specialized solutions results in significant achievements for the manufacturing companies:

  • Improvement of the work processes through optimization of the quantity of the raw materials, reduction of the production cycle and the time needed for preparation and execution of orders.
  • Flexible planning and implementation at all stages of the production process
  • Increased efficiency of the supply chain
  • Better cooperation and communication between employees, partners, customers, and suppliers
  • Efficient project management
  • Access to important business information at any time which enables prompt, effective, and adequate decisions
  • Enhancement of the customers services through optimal query management

Intelligent Systems has gained considerable experience through carried-out projects in many leading manufacturing companies. The Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM systems can be used by any organization as they could be easily modified to correspond to the needs of the specific industry.


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