Specialized business management systems for hotels and restaurants

hospitalityDespite the positive trend of sales growth in the hospitality sector, companies operating in the industry are facing a number of challenges. In order to remain competitive, they need menu variety, strict enforcement of recipes, planning of ingredient supplies, constantly improving customer service... All this and much more, against a backgroung of changing visitors’ tastes, rising operational cost, and efforts spent on retaining the qualified personnel.

Intelligent Systems offers to the companies in the hospitality industry integrated software solutions adapted to their specific needs that help them deal with the odds of the contemporary business environment.

Fast food, gourmet restaurants… we offer the appropriate IT solution

  • Easy to set up and configure display and mobile POS systems
  • Kitchen management functionality, menu planning, including ingredient list and preparation instructions
  • Recipes can include alternate ingredients, nutrition information, modified prices when excluding or adding components
  • Support for multiple tables and section layouts
  • Individual menus, sets, supplements, promotional packages
  • Real-time information about occupation, shift personnel, order status, etc.
  • Delay notification
  • Bill split and receipt printout by guest, quantity, or amount
  • Reservation management and follow-up of arrivals, no-shows, cancellations
  • Support for call-center activities, home/office deliveries, address handling, auto-assignment of orders to nearby outlet  
  • Multiple deliveries to the same area within a specified time period
  • Customer history, orders, deliveries, addresses, etc.  
  • Loyalty programs and direct marketing campaigns and activities
  • Generation of reports and analyzes on three different levels:
    • Transactional – the most detailed one. On this level it is possible to analyze individual receipts
    • Statistics – on the basis of data generated by POS terminal, staff, payments, and sales
    • Sales history – based on stock and finance entries generated at the end of each day

Intelligent Systems possesses rich expertise in hospitality solution implementation. The company has carried out numerous Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM projects throughout the globe. Learn more about the software solutions that we offer to the companies operating in the hospitality sector.   

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