IT solutions for companies in wood processing, production and sales of furniture business

Woodworking and furniture

The business systems support furniture manufacturers and retailers in optimizing the operational expenses through integration of the processes related to the production, finances, customer relationship management, and the supply chain and through enhancement of the quality of the customer service. 

A number of advantages for the companies in the field:

  • Integration of the information from all production, supply, sales, and finance management systems in one unified platform
  • Production budgeting and planning made easy
  • Real-time insight into stock inventory, production in progress, sales, financial information, supplies status, etc.
  • Detailed information about the pieces of furniture: supplier, model, designation, categorization, color, material, coating, size, etc.
  • Support of full range of products
  • Accelerated realization of new products on the market
  • Management and tracking of all customer-related activities
  • Accurate assessment of the actual manufacturing costs
  • Traceability and transparency of all transactions
  • Real-time generation of various queries and reports

Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM provide diverse functionalities and competitive advantages to the companies from the industry. These, combined with the specialized solution NAVfurniture, guarantee you the basis for development and success of your business. 


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